Saturday, October 31, 2020

Biden Whistleblower: Here Is the Evidence I'm Risking My Family Over; Hunter Biden on Tape? And related stories

Biden Whistleblower: Here Is the Evidence I'm Risking My Family Over:
On Wednesday, a breathless Beltway elite finally discovered who Anonymous was.
In case you forgot, that’s the gentleman who wrote “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” an Op-Ed published in September 2018 by The New York Times in which the author was identified as a high-level Trump administration official who was part of a secret cabal keeping the president from his deepest, darkest impulses.
The Times explained the decision to leave off the writer’s name, assuring us the individual was senior enough and the news big enough to justify anonymity.
A book deal followed, albeit with less fanfare.
Well, it turns out that Anonymous was … pretty anonymous. Miles Taylor, a 33-year-old former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, was described as “a major self-promoter” by one GOP official. He was apparently unsuccessful in this, since almost no one outside the Beltway had heard of him before Wednesday.--->READ MORE HERE
Hunter Biden on Tape?
Recording purports to capture candidate’s son rambling about big Chinese business, disappearing partner, and a criminal trial.
In a newly released recording, a man purported to be Hunter Biden is heard rambling about (a) his legal representation of Patrick Ho, a convicted former Hong Kong official he refers to as “the f***ing spy chief of China”; (b) his business dealings with Ye Jianming, the corrupt Chinese high roller, whom Hunter describes as “my partner, who is worth $323 billion … and is now missing”; and (c) his complaints about his “best friend in business, Devon” — presumably, Devon Archer, the now-convicted fraudster who was Hunter’s business partner — who had “named me as a witness without telling me in a criminal case and my father without telling me.”
Quite the crowd the Bidens run with.
While no date has been given for this recording, I theorize that — assuming it is authentic — it happened in approximately May 2018, for reasons I’ll get to.
The recording is the latest installment of information presumably from Biden’s laptops, which is being rolled out by Raheem Kassam, using his new project, The National Pulse. Kassam is a British commentator and former UKIP party adviser who is close to Steve Bannon — Kassam ran Breitbart-London when Bannon was Breitbart’s executive director. --->READ MORE HERE
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