Sunday, September 20, 2020

Trump says he'll 'most likely' nominate a woman for SCOTUS next week; Left may react violently over Trump's Ginsburg replacement, and related stories

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Trump says he'll 'most likely' nominate a woman for Supreme Court next week:
President Trump said Saturday he expects to nominate a replacement next week for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and that it will “most likely” be a woman, brushing aside calls from Democrats and at least one Senate Republican to wait until the election.
The president said he disagrees with Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who broke with her party Saturday by opposing a confirmation process before knowing the outcome of the Nov. 3 election.
“I totally disagree with her. We won,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “We want to respect the process. I think it’s going to go very quickly, actually.”
Justice Ginsburg, 87, died Friday night after a long battle with cancer.
He said of his shortlist of potential nominees, “from a constitutional standpoint, I think it’s the greatest list ever assembled. I think we’ll have a very popular choice whoever that may be.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Left may react violently over Trump's Ginsburg replacement, hurting Biden, Dems in November:
President Trump knows he will have to name someone — preferably Judge Amy Coney Barrett — to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
A brilliant liberal jurist and close friend of the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, Mrs. Ginsburg, 87, died at home Friday of complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer.
If Mr. Trump doesn’t name a Ginsburg replacement next week, his base will blast him with a fury beyond anything hell has to offer.
He seeks reelection on the same pledge that helped win him the White House in 2016.
He said he would make the federal judiciary a redoubt for legal minds that base their interpretation of the Constitution on what its architects meant, not what some justice wishes the Framers meant.
Naming a replacement will almost surely see more — and more virulent — street violence around the country by America’s totalitarian seditionists and the Democrats’ own out-of-control left wing. --->READ MORE HERE
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