Thursday, September 24, 2020

Illegal Alien Crime Wave Continues As Border Heats Up Again

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Illegal alien apprehensions are rising again
Just because they're overshadowed by an unprecedented news cycle doesn't mean the border and criminal alien problems in this country have disappeared. We still have huge numbers of criminal aliens who remain in this country undeterred and who continue to be incentivized to cross the border with the confidence that they can remain here undetected. Until we begin enforcing some of the original immigration laws on the books, we will continue importing more gangs, drug traffickers, and child molesters at a time when we are struggling with domestic violence and insurrection among the citizen population.
Three illegal alien brothers from Honduras are accused of raping a 10-year-old girl in Kenner, Louisiana. According to police, Raul Paz-Perez and Wilmer Paz-Perez, both 35, and 31-year-old Elder Paz-Perez all live together in the same apartment as Elder's girlfriend and four of her children. The alleged victim is one of her children. Raul and Wilmer are in custody, and Elder is still on the run. Jail bookings of the two arrested brothers indicate there is a federal immigration hold.
The brothers are accused of first trying to pay the 10-year-old girl for sex, and when she refused and locked herself in a bathroom, all three allegedly broke in, held her down, and raped her.
The northern part of Kenner, a western suburb of New Orleans, has been called "Little Honduras." As I noted when I covered these cases more prolifically last year, the child sex problem among some illegal aliens is more pervasive than you ever hear in the news. According to data from Girls Not Brides, a global nonprofit against child marriage, the child marriage rates for girls in Latin American countries from which we are seeing an increase in illegal immigration are particularly high, especially in rural areas. The organization estimate that 34 percent of all married Honduran women were with their male spouses as minors.
Some of this culture has also been brought in through the front door. According to a Senate Homeland Security Committee report published in January 2019, a loophole in our spousal visa policies has allowed roughly 8,700 child brides, including 14-year-old girls, to be brought into the country on fiancé or marriage visas for the purpose of marrying older men.
New ICE report reveals massive illegal alien crime wave
In fiscal year 2019, ICE reported that there were a total of 14,500 sex crime charges among those who were subject to ICE detainers. Louisiana has certainly had its share of cases. One previously deported illegal alien was arrested by state officials and charged with 100 counts of child porn. Thankfully, Louisiana cooperates with ICE, so these individuals are usually caught and deported after the first crime. But many illegal alien sex offenders in sanctuary states and cities, such as Montgomery County, Maryland, are recycled back in the system.
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