Friday, September 11, 2020

Democrats’ Opposition To A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Cost Lives; Fed Officials: Coronavirus vaccine will be safe, or 'it won't be moved along'

Democrats’ Opposition To A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Cost Lives:
If there’s anything presidential tickets fear, it’s the possibility of an “October surprise” — an event that will fundamentally alter the political equation before the November election.
So it is hardly surprising the current Democratic ticket, which is counting on the dismal condition of a country still suffering from coronavirus restrictions and the collapse a previously booming economy to carry them to victory in November, would worry about any development that would ease the nation’s suffering.
The possibility that a vaccine for COVID-19 could be ready for public consumption before Election Day would qualify as perhaps the most important October surprise in political history. But you would think Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris would be circumspect about rooting against a vaccine that the nation and the world desperately need as soon as possible.
But in a contest that feels a lot more like a civil war, Democrats believe nothing associated with President Donald Trump can be countenanced, let alone supported in the name of patriotism or even a shared sense of humanity. So it was hardly surprising that, when asked whether she would take such a vaccine, Harris made it clear that she wouldn’t trust one if it was presented by the administration. --->READ MORE HERE
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Federal officials: Coronavirus vaccine will be safe, or 'it won't be moved along':
Top health officials told Congress on Wednesday they will not let politics override science in the push for a coronavirus vaccine, amid fears that campaign pressures are eroding public confidence in the effort.
“Otherwise, I’ll have no part of it,” National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins told the Senate Health Committee.
U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams said there “will be no shortcuts.”
“This vaccine will be safe, it will be effective, or it won’t be moved along,” Dr. Adams testified.
He said his own family will be “in line to get it” once it is available. --->READ MORE HERE
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