Monday, July 20, 2020

Surge In C-Virus Cases In Texas Infants Is False; Health Policy Experts Shows Path To Reopen Schools, and Other C-Virus Updates

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A viral report of a sudden surge of coronavirus cases in infants in a single county in Texas is inaccurate, a local official said on Saturday.
On Friday, the top health official for the Corpus Christi area said at a press conference that the county currently has 85 cases of newborns with coronavirus.
“We currently have 85 babies under the age of one year in Nueces County that have all tested positive for COVID-19,” Annette Rodriguez, director of public health for Corpus Christi Nueces County, said at the press conference. “These babies have not even had their first birthday yet. Please help us stop the spread of this disease.”
Rodriguez’s comments stoked widespread fear of a surge in cases in the county, while raising questions about how dozens of infants could have suddenly contracted the virus.
News outlets across the country picked up the story, including CNN, CBS News, Huffington Post, The Hill, and the Associated Press.
But Rodriguez was mistaken, according to Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales.
According to KRIS 6 News in Corpus Christi, Canales said that 85 infants have tested positive for COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic several months ago.
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