Tuesday, July 21, 2020

If We Are Tearing Down Memorials To Men Who Did Bad Things, What About George Floyd Memorials?

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Two familiar sights could be seen in different parts of the country over the last few weeks. In Buffalo, yet another statue of Christopher Columbus was removed at the behest of protesters. This joins the ranks of the dozens upon dozens of other statues and memorials of our historical heroes that have been taken down according to the demands of the mob, or simply torn down by the mob itself.
Meanwhile, over in Minnesota, yet another mural of George Floyd was unveiled. This one joins the growing number of other Floyd murals across the nation and around the world. And the murals are merely one way that our society has honored Floyd. Streets have been unofficially named after him and university buildings may soon follow. Nancy Pelosi gave Floyd’s family a folded American flag — a gesture more often reserved for the families of fallen war heroes — and Senate Democrats knelt silently for eight minutes in his honor. The place where Floyd died has even become something of a holy land where pilgrims go to be baptized and miraculously healed.
The point to emphasize here is that all of this is being done to celebrate the man George Floyd. This has gone way beyond merely speaking out against his death. We are now being told that we must honor George Floyd himself. And we are being told this at precisely the moment when we are also being told that we must stop honoring men like Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and other icons of history.
But if the sins of historical figures must be dredged up, and if those sins are reason enough to cast them onto the ash heap of history, then it seems only fair to look at George Floyd’s biography and see if he is actually worthy of all of these monuments and memorials. Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus apparently do not pass the test, despite their world-changing and history-shaping achievements. What about Floyd?
If George Floyd ever achieved anything of note — much less anything that matches the accomplishments of the now-scorned historical figures mentioned above — we have not been told about it. What we do know is that, despite the media’s desperate attempts to dress him up in as favorable a light as possible, he was guilty of committing some truly horrific evils. His lengthy rap sheet includes relatively petty crimes like trespassing, and some not-as-petty crimes like theft and drug possession, but it also features an aggravated armed robbery against a woman. Here are the details of that crime, as provided by Snopes (hardly a right-wing outfit):
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