Thursday, July 23, 2020

Biden Would Dangerously Increase Illegal Immigration and Drug Smuggling If Elected President

Biden would throw a giant welcome mat across our southern border for illegal immigrants
There’s no doubt that former Vice President Joe Biden’s election as president would spark a dangerous and massive new wave of illegal immigration and drug smuggling into the U.S.
This would be particularly harmful as our country struggles with high unemployment, tough economic times and crowded hospitals due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, many communities are now experiencing sharp increases in crime, as liberal Democrats demonize and defund the police.;
In a move to win the support of advocates of open borders on the Democratic Party’s far-left wing for his presidential campaign, Biden has made it clear that he would throw a giant welcome mat across our southern border for illegal immigrants.
The former vice president and Democratic partisans want to see millions more illegal immigrants enter the U.S. and — along with millions of illegal immigrants already here — ultimately become U.S. citizens, with the expectation that they would vote Democratic out of gratitude.
So it’s clear that Biden’s position on illegal immigration isn’t about what’s best for this country — it’s about future political power for Democrats. 
Biden wants to quickly and deliberately undo the remarkable success President Trump has achieved in enforcing our immigration laws and cutting illegal immigration. For example, Biden has said he would stop all deportations of illegal immigrants on his first day as president.
He has also said that only illegal immigrants with serious felony criminal convictions should be deported.
These two statements alone are music to the ears of anyone wanting to come to the U.S. illegally and to the criminal cartels that can and will expand their organizations.
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