Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Pres Trump: 'We won't be defunding our police'; (Team Trump) Biden Needs to Speak-Up HIMSELF on Issue

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar
President Trump hardened his law-and-order agenda on Monday in the face of nationwide protests over racial injustice and far-left demands to “defund the police,” while his reelection team accused Democratic rival Joseph R. Biden of failing to oppose what they said were radical anti-police proposals that would lead to lawlessness and anarchy.
The calls for sweeping police reforms has emerged in the wake of the death two weeks ago of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer in Minneapolis knelt on his neck on the street for nearly nine minutes. The Minneapolis City Council announced its support for defunding its police department and replacing it with a community-based public safety program; the Democratic mayors of Los Angeles and New York City say they’ll cut their police budgets.
In a meeting with law enforcement officials at the White House, Mr. Trump said he opposes any effort to cut funding for local police departments.
LINK: Team Trump: Biden Camp’s Anti ‘Defund The
Police’ Statement Too Weak, He Needs To Speak Up
“We won’t be defunding our police. We won’t be dismantling our police,” Mr. Trump said. “Sometimes you’ll see some horrible things like we witnessed recently, but 99, I say 99.9, but let’s go with 99% of them are great, great people.”
The White House said Mr. Trump is reviewing proposals to reform criminal justice, but the president said communities cannot allow the “defund” movement to put overall public safety at risk.
“This has been a very strong year for less crime,” the president said. “We have great law enforcement, I’m very proud of them. Our police have been letting us live in peace.”
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