Tuesday, June 9, 2020

BS ALERT: 'Major step forward': Democrats to push police reform bill to fix systemic racism

Michael M. Santiago/Post-Gazette via AP
Democrats will introduce a bill to root out systemic racism in police departments across the country with national legislation, increasing accountability and oversight of law enforcement, they said Sunday.
Rep. Karen Bass, California Democrat and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, has drafted the Justice in Policing Act with Democratic Sens. Cory A. Booker of New Jersey and Kamala D. Harris of California.
They plan to introduce the legislation in both chambers this week, though it is unclear if the Republican-led Senate even will take up the bill.
“It is time for police culture in many departments to change and we believe the legislation will make a major step forward,” Ms. Bass told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.
She said the legislation would require police officers to step in and address medical necessary situations, such as the one last week involving a police officer shoving an older man in Buffalo, New York. The man suffered a severe injury when he landed on his head.
Other officers stood by not reacting or helping the man, who was bleeding from the head on video. Ms. Bass said this legislation would require those cops to have intervened.
There would also be an emphasis on racial bias training and banning chokeholds — something Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, New York Democrat, has been pushing for since Eric Garner’s death in New York in 2014.
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