Thursday, May 7, 2020

What Will Our Nation Look Like After COVID-19?

Our nation has been gripped by coronavirus terror for the last two months.
Governors have shut down our economy, added trillions to our nation’s debt, and put more than 26 million people out of work.
To make matters worse, elected officials are tossing the Constitution aside, going so far as criminalizing the sale of gardening equipment and arresting parents for tossing a ball with their children in deserted public parks. The Constitution is not something that can be tossed out at the whim of a public servant. It is a set of rights available to every American and should be safeguarded by those elected to serve.
These draconian policy decisions will have lasting impacts on our nation and if that wasn’t bad enough, incomplete and unreliable data are driving our nation’s response to the coronavirus. The models we rely on for realistic predictions have shown to be inaccurate and are being revised downward on an almost daily basis.
Just last week, researchers behind the widely cited IHME model reduced their original projection of up to 240,000 American COVID-19 deaths to just 60,000. These overblown models have been drastically lowered time and time again, yet we continue to operate under their doomsday predictions. Contrast this with the Centers for Disease Control estimate that roughly 61,000 people died during the 2017-2018 flu season.
Because of our overreliance on unreliable projections, the goalposts keep moving. First, we were told we need to shut down our country and spend trillions of taxpayer dollars to make up for it. Then, we hammered on having enough ventilators and beds available, which are now in surplus in many localities. Now, we’re being told that having the ability to treat patients alone is insufficient.
What’s next? Will we need to “flatten the curve” and stay at home until there are no COVID-19 patients whatsoever? Or until researchers find a vaccine?
Read the rest from Rep. Ken Buck HERE.

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