Thursday, May 7, 2020

Republicans Buck President Trump, Side With Democrats On Aid For 'mismanaged' Cities, States

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President Trump is facing a growing rift with Senate Republicans who are siding with Democrats on the need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency aid for states and cities that have lost tax revenue during the coronavirus pandemic to pay for first responders and other basic expenses.
Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Marco Rubio of Florida said they are inclined to provide more aid to states, despite the president warning that he opposes giving more money to states that have been “mismanaged” by Democrats.
“No doubt states have been hit pretty hard,” Mr. Graham told reporters at the Capitol. “If it were set up the right way, I think it makes sense.”
Mr. Rubio said on Twitter that Congress will “have to provide additional assistance to state & local governments.”
“Federal taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for pre-Covid19 spending decisions that are irresponsible,” Mr. Rubio tweeted. But he said there is “a baseline of spending on essential government services which we can’t have collapse.”
LINK: Ted Cruz: Texans Should Not Bail Out 
‘Irresponsible’ States
Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana is another Republican lawmaker who is outspoken about the need to provide more aid to states, suggesting a formula to allocate funds based partly on how hard the virus has hit a given state.
But Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, said he prefers giving states more flexibility on how they can spend aid that was already approved and said Congress shouldn’t bail out Democratic-controlled states for wasteful habits that preceded the pandemic.
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