Sunday, May 24, 2020

COVID-1984: The Criminal is the Victim and the Victim is the Criminal

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“I’ve never asked for anything my entire life – no welfare, no unemployment benefits. I just want to open my barber shop; I’ll abide by any restriction they make.”
Those were the words of my local barber in Baltimore County, who teared up when I asked him if he was open. He sorrowfully told me he had to close due to the dictatorial and illegal mandates of the governor of Maryland and county executives. “Just open up your shop and if the police come around, tell them you are not the owner; you are simply looting the cash register and you are even wearing a mask,” I suggested to the man, who has cut my hair for 20 years. He thought I was joking. I had to explain to him that I was dead serious.
We are now living in times when even hyperbole, parody, and absurdity don’t fully capture the illogical, illegal, and immoral actions taken by our government. Baltimore County has released 400 criminals from jail, the city has released many more, and both are easing off arresting dangerous criminals after a year of record murders in both jurisdictions.
In March, Albert Peal, 52, was accused of raping two women in Baltimore County. Police had multiple videos of him committing the acts and were in the process of searching for more potential victims. Yet the judge released him under the false premise of stopping the spread of the virus in jail because he felt he was no threat to the community!
Men like this are under the same degree of house arrest as the rest of us, and in fact, if my barber were to get caught simply opening his shop with one customer at a time (while hundreds are streaming into local Home Depots and Walmarts), he could get sent to jail! Where is the U.N. Human Rights Council?
The same trashy politicians who wrongly assert that too many people will die in prisons, thereby justifying release of dangerous criminals, are wrongly asserting that small businesses are a threat of spreading the virus, thereby justifying the arrest and imprisonment of business owners. Somehow, if you are a peaceful and productive citizen, they are not concerned about you getting killed by the virus in jail.
Baltimore isn’t the only place where sex offenders are being let off the hook. Oakland, California, police have closed their sex offender registry unit, where those on the list are required to check in. Naturally, they are now focusing their surveillance on you and me instead.
There is no bottom to the decayed values driving the release of criminals at all costs. Tens of thousands of criminals have been released early or pardoned, and we will be feeling the effects of it for years to come, as we will feel the effects of so many other unfathomable and impetuous decisions made without any democratic input.
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