Monday, April 27, 2020

Why is Coronavirus Being Used as Excuse to Release Illegal Aliens Instead of Send Them Back?

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Only one phantom right will be left standing after the nuclear war against the Bill of Rights is complete: the “right” of illegal and criminal aliens to remain in this country.
If coronavirus is an earth-shattering crisis such that our government can suspend the most foundational natural rights of citizens, isn’t it a big enough crisis that other countries’ criminals should be removed from our country without further review? That way we don’t have to worry about them spreading the virus in detention facilities or in our communities, nor do we have to concern ourselves with their potential crime and public charge. Bonus result? Airlines could get much-needed cash from flying them back.
Federal judges and liberal governors had a brilliant idea the minute the coronavirus outbreak became apparent: In addition to releasing our own criminals, why not release other countries’ criminals? Thanks to the ruling of a federal judge who is not even in New Jersey, ICE released 700 criminal aliens from New Jersey. This is happening throughout the country. As citizen rights are being infringed upon without due process, it seems like illegal aliens are the only ones with access to the courts. Now, a single California judge, Jesus Bernal, is ordering ICE to release all illegal aliens at high risk and all those over 55.
Remember, over 80 percent of those in ICE’s custody are criminal aliens. So not only are we now on the hook for more crime from domestic criminals, but there will be thousands more foreign criminals in our communities as well.
However, there is one obvious point being missed by our government. For argument’s sake, let’s cede the point that somehow these people need to be released from detention for fear of catching the virus more than American citizens, an assumption that is highly dubious. Why is the alternative to detention setting them free in our own communities rather than simply repatriating them back to their home countries? Unlike with domestic criminals, the absence of detention doesn’t mean they get to be in our communities. Nobody asked them to come here, and they have no constitutional right to remain in the country.
If we are going to suspend the Constitution as it applies to citizens, why not at least suspend current practice in the immigration courts and repatriate other countries’ criminals when it doesn’t violate the Constitution at all?
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