Saturday, April 25, 2020

White House touts testing progress, weighs options for protecting businesses from liability for infections and Other Coronavirus Updates ...

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday said more than 5 million Americans have now been tested for the deadly coronavirus as President Trump surprised observers by abruptly ending the daily press conference and taking no questions.
The record short coronavirus briefing -- lasting a little over 21 minutes -- comes after a rocky appearance yesterday where Trump seemingly suggested that household disinfectant might be used for treatment in humans for coronavirus.
Pence touted progress on testing in the U.S. that has been expanded to 5.1 million Americans and warned that the number of infections will continue to rise as more people have access to tests.
"As testing increases dramatically across the country, cases will increase as well," Pence said. "But people should not be discouraged by those numbers. We are looking at very positive trends in hospitalization, in emergency room entrances, and we continue to see...positive progress."
LINK: Trump administration weighs options for 
protecting businesses from liability for infections
But as soon as Pence finished his statements, Trump left the briefing room with his vice president and took no questions from the inquiring press, stunning those in the audience who are accustomed to marathon Q and A sessions.
Trump did take reporters' questions earlier in the day in the Oval Office, however, where he backed off the idea of injecting disinfectant in humans, saying he was just being "sarcastic."
But Trump's White House suggestions were taken so seriously that Lysol and even the EPA had to put out statements reminding people that disinfectants should not be ingested or injected into the human body.
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