Sunday, April 26, 2020

Report: 450,000 ILLEGALS Are Getting College Degrees

AP Photo/Butch Dill
Roughly 450,000 foreign-born illegal immigrants are getting college degrees, so they need taxpayer funding and work opportunities, according to an alliance of advocates for Mike Bloomberg and for hundreds of colleges and universities.
“This new report shows that many more undocumented students are enrolled in higher education than originally reported,” said an April 15 statement from Teresita Wisell, a vice president at Westchester Community College in New York. Her college is one of many education centers that can sell education services to illegal immigrants.
“Our communities and our nation need these students more than ever,” claimed Miriam Feldblum, the executive director of the college advocacy group that counted the population of illegal immigrant education consumers. “Congress [must] prioritize legislation that removes barriers for existing students and expands opportunity for future cohorts [of illegal students],” Feldbaum said in the April 15 statement, amid the massive lays-offs of American college graduates cased by China’s Wuhan virus.
“We call on all states to grab this opportunity and expand their state admissions, tuition, and financial aid policies to all students, regardless of immigration status,” said Andrew Lim, a research director for Mike Bloomberg’s pro-migration group, titled New American Economy.
Bloomberg’s group helped write the study with Feldbaum’s group, which lobbies for several hundred colleges and is titled The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration.
The joint study is short on details. For example, the study is based on a survey of federal data, not enrollment numbers. It does not say how many of the claimed education customers are full-time or part-time, and it does not say how many of the migrants are expected to graduate. Nor does it talk about the impact of this illegal inflow on the millions of American graduates of U.S. colleges.
But the report provides interesting clues about the rising share of illegal immigrants who are getting taxpayer-funded education to train for the jobs needed by American graduates. For example, according to the report: --->
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