Saturday, April 25, 2020

Joe Biden: Unfit to Serve by Any and Every Measure

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Joe Biden "has the experience. He knows what needs to be done," said former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton to Jimmy Fallon last month.
Biden's "experience with Congress and with foreign leaders made him a critical resource when you had a government priority like an epidemic," said Ben Rhodes, a former national security advisor to President Barack Obama.
"I have the experience to rally the world," said Joe Biden about Joe Biden.
"Joe Biden would make such a lousy president that I think I'll try and assassinate Obama," thought Osama bin Laden, apparently.
Democratic presidential nominee-apparent Joe Biden sure likes to talk up his experience, as do his fellow Democrats in Washington and in the news media (but I repeat myself). There's no doubt that Biden has experience, and lots of it. When Biden was first elected to the Senate in November of 1972, I was still too young for kindergarten. This Saturday, as he prepares to assume his party's mantle, I'll turn 51. Aside from the last four years he's spent either running for president or preparing to run, Biden has held public office at the highest levels since before the end of the Vietnam War, since before stagflation, since before the bloody birth of Iran's Islamic Republic, since bell bottoms were in fashion the first time around, since before the death of disco, since before the birth of disco for that matter, since..
...well, I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. I'd just add that Time magazine named Biden one of the "200 Faces for the Future" in 1974, and 46 years later you can't deny that this is the future all right.
Biden Was Behind The Robert Bork Nomination Smear
Set all that aside for a moment and ask: How much is all of Biden's many years of experience really worth?
Very little, perhaps less than nothing, as you'll see from the bipartisan list of complaints about Biden's "accomplishments" I've collected for you today.
If you're a conservative, you probably have problems with: --->
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