Friday, March 27, 2020

Time to Hold China Accountable for Unleashing Hell on the World

Communist regime engaged in a massive cover-up -- exposing the world to global pandemic and economic meltdown.
Despite criticism from elements within the elitist establishment media and some radical progressives, President Donald Trump was correct to refer to the COVID-19 virus as a “foreign virus” or “Chinese virus.” Leading the charge of the president’s critics was none other than CNN’s Jim Acosta, who stated that reference to the virus as “foreign” may strike people as “xenophobic.”
In response, Fox’s Tucker Carlson accurately referred to Acosta as a “poisonous moron.” In fact, Carlson was being kind to Acosta, who works for an organization that has long abandoned actual journalism in favor of propaganda.
The Coronavirus, which has thus far killed at least 9,386 and infected 229,960 others, emerged from the city of Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei province in the People's Republic of China. Chinese authorities were well aware that they had a pandemic on their hands way back in December but maliciously suppressed information about it. Significantly, The Times of UK, citing a respected and independent Chinese publication, reports that in December Chinese labs identified the pathogen that caused viral pneumonia in patients infected with the coronavirus disease and described the pathogen as highly infectious. A regional health official in Wuhan ordered the compiled samples and related research destroyed. Chinese authorities belatedly acknowledged the highly infectious nature of the disease in late January.
When news of the Wuhan virus began to surface through desperate and often disquieting social media posts, the communist regime of the People’s Republic did what it does best and silenced those responsible for the posts by making them disappear. Needless to say, the regime deactivated their social media accounts as well.
China’s leader Xi Jinping does not handle criticism well. The latest victim of China’s crackdown on information is Ren Zhiqiang, outspoken property tycoon and government critic. After publishing an essay critical of the government’s handling of the outbreak, Ren Zhiqiang disappeared and has not been heard or seen since.
Trump’s national security advisor, Robert O’Brien noted that the calculated Chinese cover-up cost the world two months. Early intervention by virology experts of the CDC could have thwarted an outbreak, or at least minimized it. Affected nations could have stopped flights to and from China earlier, limiting exposure.
Read the rest from Ari Lieberman HERE.

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