Friday, March 27, 2020

Senate Passes $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill In Unanimous Vote

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
The Senate passed the $2.2 trillion emergency stimulus package to assist the overly stressed health care system and tumbling economy Wednesday night.
The bipartisan deal passed on a 96-0 vote.
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell touted the unanimous vote as a victory for bipartisanship, despite a drawn-out partisan negotiation process.
“We pivoted from one of the most partisan exercises you could ever be engaged in, to a bipartisan, 100 to nothing, $2 trillion rescue package for the country,” the Kentucky Republican said. “Not much to complain about on process when you get that kind of an outcome for the country.”
Several senators missed votes because they were self-quarantined.
Senate Majority Whip John Thune, South Dakota Republican, was one of the latest to miss the votes; he flew home Wednesday because he wasn’t feeling well.
His spokesman said Mr. Thune consulted with the attending Senate physician and his family doctor, and was told, based on how he was feeling, that “there was no need for additional action at this point and [he] was encouraged to continue self-monitoring.”
The bill will give $500 billion in direct payments to the American public, bolster unemployment insurance with a surge of $250 billion, provide $500 billion in loans to big businesses, and create a $350 billion loan program for small businesses.
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Trucker said...

I want to know about the Lib Pork, 25 Million or Billion for the Kennedy Center ? Really I will never cross that Hole in the Wall. Abortion ? Unions ? NPR ? ???no not happy at all not a good thing Pork should be outlawed. If it can not make it on its own Merits then it should not be there in the First place