Monday, March 2, 2020

Republicans Ask Administration How It Will Deal With Rush Of Coronavirus Victims To The Border

Republican members of Congress are demanding to know how the Trump administration plans to respond if coronavirus outbreaks in Central America and Mexico prompt many to flee the region and head to the U.S.-Mexico border.
A group of 11 lawmakers, led by Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, sent the secretaries of health and human services, defense, and homeland security a letter Friday seeking information on what, if anything, they expect to see at the southern border and how they will respond.
"Given the porous nature of our border, and the continued lack of operational control due to the influence of dangerous cartels, it is foreseeable, indeed predictable, that any outbreak in Central America or Mexico could cause a rush to our border," the group wrote in the letter, obtained by the Washington Examiner. "Over time, this could impose a new burden at our southern border that will threaten the safety and health of individuals in the United States and could cause a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions along our border and at detention facilities."
Until Thursday, only one South American country, Brazil, had reported a coronavirus case. On Friday morning, Mexico's assistant health secretary announced two cases, marking the first known cases in Mexico or Central America.
The lawmakers, eight of whom represent southern border states, said that although the Department of Homeland Security and its Customs and Border Protection agency have rolled out health screenings for some international travelers reentering the country at U.S. airports, the government has not said how it will handle travelers arriving at the southern border or if it believes the outbreaks could prompt more people in countries with high poverty rates to flee to the U.S. for help.
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