Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Senate Impeachment Trial Updates: Collins and Murkowski Will Vote to Acquit >>>

Susan Collins will vote to acquit Trump despite 'wrong' behavior
Republican Sen. Susan Collins announced on Tuesday that she would vote to acquit President Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment, despite her reservations about the president’s “wrong” behavior.
Instead of voting to remove the president from office, Collins told reporters after a floor speech that criticism from her and other GOP senators amounted to a sufficient condemnation. Collins, Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) have all said that Trump's solicitations of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden were inappropriate but not impeachable. READ MORE >>
Trump on impeachment: ‘I’m not bitter’
President Donald Trump said Tuesday he is unlikely to smack congressional Democrats who voted to impeach him when he gives his State of the Union speech Tuesday night.
“I’m not bitter,” Trump told several news anchors during a private lunch Tuesday afternoon, according to two people familiar with the discussion. READ MORE >>
Lisa Murkowski will vote to acquit Trump
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said on Monday that she would not vote to convict President Donald Trump, but also offered a damning portrayal of Congress for its handling of the impeachment proceedings.
In her floor speech, Murkowski described Trump’s behavior as “shameful and wrong,” but said Congress had failed, too. READ MORE >>
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