Monday, January 6, 2020

On the Moral Status of Islam in the United States

Revolutions of the deepest kinds always begin with our children.
Several months ago, Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán and Canada's leading intellectual Jordan Peterson met to lambast illegal immigration and political correctness, which they believe make sensible public discussions impossible. Peterson also made a noteworthy claim worth thinking about. He said Islam is not compatible with democracy and that this issue has been barred from public discussion.
A chief spokesperson for the Nation of Islam, Ava Muhammad, has officially gone on record disparaging Jews by stating that Jews are "godless... blood-sucking parasites [that] sell us alcohol, drugs, depraved sex, and every other type of low-life thing."
A statement like Ava Muhammad's above is a grave reminder to us that Peterson is correct. Islam is not only incompatible with democracy -- it is inimical to America's fundamental values and principles. More important, it is in violation of the United States Constitution. It is time for the United States to face the truth about a moral and political ideology whose stated goal is the abolition of our political system.
When we examine the application of Sharia law in the West, most particularly in Europe, where it is gaining ascendancy, people will come to see a few fundamental tenets about Islam. Its foundation and governing principle is that Sharia law regulates the personal and public behavior of all Muslims and non-Muslims under its governance. When we think of Islam mainly as a religion, we cannot disambiguate it from Sharia law, which, when examined, allows us to see that the legal, cultural and political aspects of the religion supersede the purely private religious aspects of it. World Islam has become, above all, a political ideology.
Sharia law is a weaponized political tool supervening the public sphere that violates every sacred tenet of American life.
The institution of slavery remains lawful under Sharia law. Those who repudiate their faith in Islam directly or indirectly are guilty of capital offenses. It therefore conflicts with our constitutional human right of freedom of conscience and religion. The Sharia law of apostasy restricts other human rights, such as freedom of expression and association. Sharia law does not guarantee equal rights for men and women.
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