Wednesday, December 11, 2019

India’s Ambassador Lobbies Congress to Get Green Cards for U.S.-Based Workers

India’s ambassador on Wednesday acknowledged a meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin, the top Democrat who is blocking GOP Sen. Mike Lee’s S.386 bill that would accelerate the inflow of Indian graduates into the professional jobs sought by American graduates.
“Thank you @SenatorDurbin for an engaging discussion on the value that high-skilled #Indian professionals bring to the #US economy by filling the #STEM shortage,” said a December 4 tweet from Ambassador Harsh Shringla. The roughly 900,000 imported Indian visa-workers are “critical for the competitiveness of #American #tech industry,” Shringla claimed.
Shringla’s posted a tweet of his meeting with Durbin, which was quickly endorsed by some of India’s H-1B contract-workers in the United States who are lobbying for fast-track green cards, often dubbed “GCs.”
Thank you so much Mr. Shringla for taking the lead. We reached out to multiple politicians and diplomats from India to seek support for us and and it feels good to see you take the lead.@realDonaldTrump @sambitswaraj @DrSJaishankar @narendramodi

— Jyotsna Sharma (@jyotsnacan) December 5, 2019
Jyotsna Sharma describes herself at her Twitter account as “Host-Voice of legal immigrants & It’s My Story at Mana TV & TV5, Pro Clear GC Backlog activist.”
“It’s quite concerning to see the Indian Ambassador to the United States showing up to events where he is pushing for immigration policies that provide preferential treatment to citizens of India,” said Kevin Lynn, the founder of Progressives for Immigration Reform.
Well, the STEM shortage is a myth, and the light is beginning to shine on visa programs like the H-1B & OPT that have been abused to strictly import cheaper labor from India while simultaneously, American workers are being laid off and having to train their foreign replacements on these visas.
Durbin’s office did not respond to questions from Breitbart News.
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