Wednesday, December 11, 2019

China stealing U.S. arms and military technology from Hong Kong: defector

Associated Press
China’s military is engaged in an elaborate covert smuggling operation in Hong Kong to steal U.S. and other western arms and military technology, according to a Chinese intelligence official who has defected to Australia.
Wang Liqiang described the operation in an official statement to Australian authorities that also revealed details of a major Chinese influence campaign aimed at swaying the upcoming presidential election in Taiwan, and aggressive efforts to undermine democracy advocates in Hong Kong.
Mr. Wang worked until the past spring as a mid-level official in a Chinese military front organization controlled by the General Staff Department of the Chinese military, the department in charge of intelligence operations, according to his sworn statement to the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization (ASIO).
“I have been personally involved in a series of espionage activities that were in breach of the principles of democracy and morality, as well as activities intending to control media and public opinion,” Mr. Wang said, according to an English language translation of the statement.
Mr. Wang broke with the Communist Party of China after he was ordered to travel to Taiwan in May to take part in multi-million dollar covert operations aimed at manipulating the Taiwan elections. He defected rather than carry out the mission and is currently seeking political asylum for himself, his wife and an infant child.
A copy of his 17-page statement was obtained by The Washington Times. The statement was first reported by Australian news outlets 60 Minutes Australia, The Age, and the Sydney Morning Herald.
A U.S. official said Mr. Wang’s information is very detailed and appears credible, although his legitimacy as a defector has not been determined independently of the ASIO, a U.S. intelligence ally.
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