Thursday, December 5, 2019

Families, Stay Alert: MS-13 Thugs Now 'Clean Cut,' 'Well-Spoken,' Have No Tattoos - Report

John Moore/Getty Images
Members of the notorious MS-13 gang are now trying to escape detection by scrapping the trademark tattoos that have long marked gang members. Instead, MS-13 is taking on a clean-cut look, according to a new report.
The Washington Examiner said it had interviewed federal and local law enforcement officials about the evolution of the gang. It did not identify them by name in the report, published Wednesday.
“The idea they have tattoos from feet to head, that’s not happening anymore,” a senior official at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was quoted as saying.
Traditionally, the more ink a gang member had, the higher his rank.
The “new norm,” the ICE official said, is an MS-13 member who is “clean-cut, well-spoken, and [has] zero ink on his body.”
The Examiner, quoting two Northern Virginia Gang Task Force officials, said the gang hands out beatings to mark key points, from initiation to promotion.
“MS is broken down into cliques, even though they all fly under the banner of MS, they are different cliques. Different cliques mean different rules, so some cliques may beat you every time you get promoted to a different rank,” one task force official said.
“Every time you make a rank, you get beaten for 13 seconds,” the official said.
The four ranks in the gang were named as “paro,” “observation,” “chequeo” and “homeboy.”
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