Friday, November 8, 2019

Lt. Col. Vindman Disloyal to President He Serves

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
What a difference a generation makes.
Thirty years ago, a military attaché in the White House fell on his sword to protect the president he worked for.
That was U.S. Marine Corps Col. Oliver North.
Today a military attaché used his to figuratively stab the president in the back.
That is U.S. Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.
North protected his commander in chief. Vindman turned his in.
Times do indeed change, and not always for the better.
Back in 1987, President Ronald Reagan was under fire for the Iran/Contra scandal that blew up in his face. This was a deal where funds from the covert sale of arms to Iran were used to illegally fund the Contras, a group of Nicaraguan nationalists who were fighting the communist takeover of their country.
At the center of the Congressional investigation into the matter, which Democrats hoped to nail Reagan with — a Republican president they disliked but could not defeat — was whether Reagan sanctioned the illegal deal.
North, a highly decorated combat veteran of Vietnam, appeared before a committee in uniform, just as Vindman, who is also a decorated Iraq War veteran, did last week.
The difference is that North, who testified under subpoena, did not turn on Reagan, his commander in chief. Vindman, who volunteered his testimony, turned his commander in chief in.
North at the time held the same National Security Council position that Vindman holds now. However, unlike Vindman, who went out of his way to throw Trump under the bus, North took the fall by testifying that he never knew if Reagan approved the Iran/Contra deal or not.
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