Tuesday, November 26, 2019

ILLEGAL immigration is back to Obama-era levels. That’s still BAD

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If you truly want to understand just how bad this year’s catch-and-release-driven immigration crisis at the border has been, look at a recent report about numbers at the southern border.
The report from Princeton Policy Advisors (PPA) shows that numbers of apprehensions are just now getting back to “normal” levels, following a months-long decline since their high point in May of this year. The PPA’s forecast, as shown in the first table here, anticipates a continued downward trend, bringing border apprehensions way down from the astronomical spikes of 2019 to levels similar to those in the last decade and lower than the higher levels of 2018 and 2016.
“The border appears to be coming back under control in terms of new apprehensions,” writes Princeton Policy Advisors president Steven Kopits in a blog post based on October’s border numbers. “Of course, there is still a massive backlog in the courts and with respect to migrants being held under various auspices, but the incoming flow has now normalized to more typical levels, and as last month, President Trump can take the credit.”
Kopits notes that the biggest change in the number is in the family unit category, explaining that “traditional illegal border jumping has not much changed, but families, particularly from the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have been effectively deterred from attempting to cross Mexico into the US.”
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