Tuesday, November 26, 2019

20 Impeachment What-Ifs

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
The Democrats might have had a more persuasive case for impeachment if only…
1) Donald Trump had cut off all military assistance to Ukraine.
2) Donald Trump got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired by leveraging U.S. aid.
3) Barack Obama earlier had not vetoed lethal military aid to Ukraine in fear of Russian reactions.
4) Ukraine was not a notoriously corrupt country.
5) There was a special prosecutor’s report finding Trump legally culpable.
6) There was direct or written evidence that Trump had committed a high crime.
7) Joe Biden as Vice President had not spearheaded the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.
8) Joe Biden’s son was not given obscene compensation by Ukrainian interests to influence U.S. aid policy to Ukraine.
9) Joe Biden had not bragged on tape that as VP that he got fired a Ukrainian prosecutor who, per the prosecutor’s own account, was likely looking into his son’s activities by leveraging even non-military U.S. assistance to Ukraine.
10) Ukraine was the first or second partisan inquiry into purported suspect presidential activity rather than the 20th or more partisan attempt.
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