Thursday, October 10, 2019

Real-Life Immigrant ‘Joker’ Kills 4 in New York

Bloody times in the social justice jungle.
While New Yorkers packed movie theaters to watch Joker, a homeless immigrant stalked the streets of the city bludgeoning four homeless men to death with a three-foot long metal pipe while they slept.
Rodriguez “Randy” Santos had come to the United States from the Dominican Republic four years ago.
In those four years, he racked up 14 arrests for everything from biting a man on the chest to groping a woman. He punched his mother and broke his grandfather’s nose. In just the last year he was arrested four times. And still the authorities remained comfortable with letting Santos walk the streets.
At least, until he was caught with a metal pipe covered in the blood and matted hair of four dead men.
And some marijuana.
This should have come as no surprise because he had busted back in May attacking a man with a metal weapon in his old homeless shelter. Instead of locking him up, he was given yet another chance.
And he took it.
An 83-year-old Chinese man would not have been beaten to death on the streets of Chinatown if either federal immigration authorities or local law enforcement had been allowed to do their jobs. But New York is a sanctuary city and state where deporting foreign criminals is considered a worse crime than bashing four homeless men on the head with a metal pipe until they’re dead. And the criminal justice system has been reinvented as a revolving door for putting career psychos back on the street.
The Santos case isn’t unusual. It’s how things work now in New York City and other lefty cities.
Earlier this month, Jaquan Whittle was caught on video breaking a 71-year-old woman's jaw in New York. Both Whittle and his victim are black. At the time of the assault, Jaquan had been out on probation for another crime. He had multiple previous arrests and had tried to rape a woman on a subway train in 2017. Like Santos, he did manage to bite her on the chest.
A few days earlier, Antonio Lavance Williams, who was out on probation, grabbed a cop's gun and shot him three times, before being killed by other officers. Williams had his own history of arrests, had been busted for drugs last year, had a warrant in another drug case, and was facing a harassment charge.
You don’t need to go to the movies to see these guys in action. Just walk down the wrong street.
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