Friday, August 2, 2019

Mark Krikorian Busts Immigration Myths, Explains How ‘Radicalized’ Dems Have Become

According to Mark Krikorian, the Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), Americas aren’t getting the truth about immigration. In a recent interview, Krikorian explained why. 
“When you tell people immigration is about one million a year, legal immigration. Do you think it should be double, the same, half — it always ends up with people calling for less immigration,” Krikorian said. “They always want a more moderate level of immigration.”
Across all polls, few Americans say they want more immigration. Gallup has asked the question since 1968, and the majority of Americans have never been in favor of increasing immigration. What has changed? Krikorian says it’s the Democratic Party.
“Democrats have become radicalized on immigration and this predated Trump,” Krikorian said. “Bill Clinton, Barbara Jordan, a civil rights leader who chaired an immigration commission during the Clinton administration issued a report calling for a 30% reduction in legal immigration … things have very much changed.”
Later on in the interview, Krikorian addressed some of the most prevalent media myths associated with immigration.
Krikorian said, for example, that the oft-cited number of 11 million illegal immigrants is probably accurate, refuting the possibility of the number being closer to 20-30 million, as suggested by recent studies.
“It could be 11 and a half. It could be 12 or 13 [million] maybe. But it can’t be 20, 25, or 30 million,” Krikorian said. “If there were really that many more illegal immigrants than we think, you would see it in the school-aged population for instance … There would have to be very big differences in birth rates, death rates, grocery shopping, grocery statistics, traffic stats, all of that stuff.”
“It’s just mathematically impossible, and honestly there seems to be a desire to make the number as big as possible on some people’s parts as though that strengthens the argument,” he added. “If there were 30 million illegal aliens, wouldn’t we have to kind of amnesty them? Because you’re not going to be able to reduce that number substantially. Whereas the population of say 11 million illegal immigrants can realistically be cut in half through consistent enforcement of immigration law.”
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