Thursday, August 1, 2019

There is no greater foreign influence than illegal immigration and those thwarting our laws

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While the political world will be paralyzed for much of the week with the fallout from the Mueller testimony and talk of Russian influence over our elections, the greatest foreign influence both sides of Congress are ignoring is illegal immigration. Our foundational laws protecting Americans from foreign invaders are being systemically ignored and delegitimized. That is the true foreign influence that should concern us all.
There are countless millions of illegal aliens in this country, many of whom came recently, including well over two million criminal aliens. Yes, there are that many of other countries’ criminals in this country, and there is no sense of urgency from the political class to remove them. ICE should be given full funding and awarded medals for getting rid of other countries’ drunk drivers and drug traffickers, murderers and child molesters. Instead, thanks to a lack of Republican support and a counter-narrative from supposedly conservative media, the left-wing media has empowered wealthy subversive NGOs and local politicians to thwart, fight, and delegitimize every deportation.
The disconcerting truth is that the laws on the books designed to protect Americans from foreign infiltrators – the most foundational responsibility of a national government – are being sabotaged. The very illegal aliens who invaded our sovereignty now have more influence on government, media, and pop culture than the American taxpayers who pay for their hospital stays and care.
The simple reality is that our laws are not enforced. After so much hype about at least going after the million or so illegal aliens with final deportation orders, just 35 individuals have thus far been apprehended.
While this is only one operation still in its early stages, it’s part of a systemic breakdown in enforcing sovereignty. During the first term of Obama’s presidency, when he was still enforcing the law and sanctuaries hadn’t yet begun widespread civil disobedience, deportations were averaging around 400,000 per year. Under this administration, only 230,000 were deported in fiscal year 2018.
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