Wednesday, July 3, 2019

President Trump Rips Democrats For Cities Becoming Filthy: ‘It's Destroying A Whole Way Of Life’ ... "WE MAY INTERCEDE"

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that was conducted in Japan, President Trump ripped the Democratic politicians that run major cities in America for soaring homelessness that plagues their cities, asserting, “This is the liberal establishment; this is what I’m fighting.” He pointed out that many of the cities Carlson cited for becoming repositories for urine on the street and needles from junkies are sanctuary cities, adding, “They’re run by very liberal people and the states are run by very liberal people … Do they really think this is okay? Because it’s not. It’s destroying their city and it’s destroying a whole way of life.” Trump said bluntly, “We may intercede.”
The exchange began with Carlson noting, “You come to where we are now, Osaka, or Tokyo, and the cities are clean; there’s no graffiti; there’s no one going to the bathroom on the street; you don’t see junkies … ”
Trump replied, “It’s very nice, isn’t it.”
Carlson pointed out, “It’s very different from our cities.”
Trump agreed, “Yup. Some of our cities.”
Carlson repeated, “Some of our cities. But New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles; they’ve got a major problem with filth.”
Trump said, “It’s very sad. It’s very sad.”
Carlson then prompted Trump, asking, “Why is that?”
Trump answered: --->
Read the rest and watch the interview HERE.

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