Wednesday, July 3, 2019

House Democrats to Introduce Bill for More Refugee Admissions from Central America

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As the immigration crisis at the border continues unabated with hundreds of thousands of migrants suffering and even dying on the treacherous trek through Mexico to the U.S. border, Democrats are blaming President Donald Trump and gearing up to introduce legislation to increase the number of refugees admitted to 100,000 a year.
House D's plan to introduce bill to increase refugee resettlement from Central American countries to 100,000 per year (1st reported by @ThePlumLineGS). For context, here are refugee admissions totals from the Latin American region the last 10 fiscal years

— Matthew La Corte (@MLaCorte_) June 27, 2019
This despite evidence that shows some 500,000 migrants —mostly from Central America— will get across the U.S./ Mexico border without being apprehended, including women and children. The United Nations reports that in 2018 the United States took in around 23,000 refugees from all over the world.
A refugee is an immigrant who gains asylum after the court grants him or her that status because they have met the “credible fear” standard of persecution in their home countries.
In an opinion piece in the Washington Post, the commentator blames President Donald Trump, even though Trump has tried multiple avenues to end the illegal immigration crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico, including declaring a national emergency at the border, diverting federal defense funds to secure the border, and crafting comprehensive immigration reform legislation.
Thus far, judges and Democrats have thwarted those efforts.
The Post reported: --->
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