Thursday, July 18, 2019

Abandoning Immigration Enforcement is Abandoning Our System of Government

Trying to actually deport illegal immigrants whom courts have ordered deported is now considered authoritarian.
Ken Cuccinelli, a top official at the Department of Homeland Security, made clear that he intended to follow through on President Trump’s plans to remove foreigners in the United States illegally for whom final removal orders have been issued. Cuccinelli said this on national TV on Sunday, and told reporters Wednesday that these operations “absolutely” were going forward.
The reader needs to understand the modesty of this undertaking. Nobody is talking about deporting all 10 million illegal immigrants. Cuccinelli isn’t even talking about deporting every illegal immigrant who has been ordered deported by a judge. Cuccinelli has said that about 1 million migrants illegally in the country have received final order of removal, and that from that massive population, Homeland Security will seek out individuals and try to execute that deportation order.
But if you listen to the Democratic presidential candidates talk, “ICE raids” are a Gestapo tactic. Any physical barrier at the border gets derided as a “monument to racism.”
When Democrats and journalists go so far as to oppose all border barriers and to oppose removal of those ordered deported to stay, they are in fact arguing for lawlessness.
The rule of law is necessary to a peaceful society. Mercy, of course, is also part of a peaceful society. Also, a government must prioritize some enforcement over others. Mercy and priority setting are two reasons why we do not try to deport all 10 million-plus people in the country illegally.
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