Thursday, May 9, 2019

President Trump Should Send Migrants To Guantanamo

The word is out: if you want to cut the long line of people waiting legally to immigrate to America, just sneak across the southern border and ask for asylum. Every day now, Customs and Border Protection agents stop more than 3,000 people entering the U.S. illegally and the number has been trending upward rapidly. No one knows how many others slip through undetected.
Almost all of these people fail to meet the definition of a refugee, which is someone with a specific and well-founded fear of persecution in the place they are fleeing. But they have been coached to say the magic words necessary for arresting officers to begin a lengthy adjudication of whether or not they are bona fide refugees deserving asylum — which can take years. Thanks to permissive laws and activist progressive judges — especially those on the renegade Ninth Circuit based in San Francisco — the government must often release these asylum-seekers into America, after which most will evade authorities unless they are caught for another crime.
The Customs and Border Protection is completely overwhelmed. Its leaders have asked for help from the Pentagon, courts, and Congress to little avail. Progressive California judges continue to hand down rulings that tie the hands of the government across the entire southern border. The chances are nil that this Congress will pass any law that moves away from the open border many of its progressive members seemingly desire.
The Defense Department is also asleep at the wheel, providing only minimal detachments to do things like string barbed wire. Last week, Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan authorized a mere 320 additional troops, including some truck drivers and lawyers.
Our defense leaders apparently prefer emphasizing far-away operations and high-tech weapons to the rote but essential job of defending our border. This sentiment was reflected in a recent report that former Secretary of Defense James Mattis was intentionally unhelpful to President Donald Trump in cases when he did not approve of the Trump’s views, which seemed to be most.
In effect, the Pentagon has never joined the Trump administration. That needs to change.
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