Sunday, May 12, 2019

It Was Never a 'Witch Hunt '— It Was an Inquisition

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
The investigation into Russian interference into the U.S. Elections in 2016 was never a counter intelligence investigation as it has been couched by the government. President Trump is wrong when he calls it a Witch Hunt too. It has become quite clear that this entire episode is an inquisition.
It has been more than a couple of weeks now since Attorney General William Barr made an unprecedented decision and released the special counsel report of Bob Mueller — not only to Congress in a minimally redacted form but for all to see. The only parts that were actually redacted, less than 40 pages out of 448 focus on the Russian social media companies and how they operated and nothing to do with President Trump, his campaign, or his administration.
In fact we know that there are no more indictments to come and no sealed indictments waiting in the shadows. It is over.
Yet the Democrats, so desperate to prop up their false narrative they pushed over the last two years with their hand maidens in the media, are now looking to fully discredit the AG and have even set their sights on destroying the reputation of Inspector General Michael Horowitz. As I have been telling you for a very long time this whole game is nothing more than Trump at any price.
The left is in full-on panic now because they know, as Senator Chuck Grassley put it quite aptly, that they all bought a whole bunch of snake oil that everyone knows isn’t true and the jig is up. With that in mind James Comey now admits the FBI did in fact use undercover agents in an attempt to sting Trump campaign operative George Papadopoulos. Where I come from, by the way, we refer to secret undercover operatives as spies. That word is also a trigger word for the left who have gone apoplectic ever since Barr quite accurately used the term spying in describing the government’s efforts against Trump and his team.
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