Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Contagion invasion (Part 2): The untold public health endemic at our borders and beyond

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This is the second piece in a two-part series on the serious public health threat posed by mass migration and catch and release policies.
Contagion invasion (Part 1): What ever happened to the principle of protecting our borders against dangerous diseases?
Since the 1890s, nobody was allowed to enter the interior of our country without our immigration officials being fully confident that each individual immigrant didn’t pose a public health threat to America, among other concerns. While our government still officially abides by that principle for its process of screening legal immigrants, that modus operandi has been upended by mass migration at the border, which is on pace for more than one million a year at current levels.
In our first part of this series, we demonstrated the incontrovertible public health threat of those we don’t catch at our border but are coming because of the magnets and the widely known reality that our agents are tied down with bogus asylum claims. But what about the ones we do catch?
Freeze frame at this moment. After hearing the fact that government officials at the highest levels admit the obvious – that these migrants are coming from the most disease-prone regions, are doing so in the most dangerous and vulnerable way, and are the people least likely to access health care and vaccinations, wouldn’t you think our government has a responsibility to apply the longstanding laws barring entry to all these migrants?
At the very least, one would expect that they’d all be quarantined, vaccinated, and carefully screened with blood tests for a duration long enough to rule out that they are carrying any of the diseases endemic of the region [listed in the first part of this series] before being released? Anything less than that would be a violation of the social contract and expose the public to a public health crisis, right? It would also be a violation of 8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(7), which makes these people inadmissible and 8 U.S.C. 1222(a) which requires the government to detain them “for a sufficient time to enable the immigration officers and medical officers to subject such aliens to observation and an examination sufficient to determine whether or not they belong to inadmissible classes.”
Well, they are indeed being released in droves without such due diligence. The only question that remains is how many and to what extent. It’s a question the media doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing.
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