Thursday, March 7, 2019

Just ‘OK’ Isn’t Good Enough Anymore on Border Security

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The letter from former high ranking government officials in opposition to President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration on the southern border made for big news this week. No surprise there. The story fits one of the media’s favorite Trump narratives (over his head on substance, too quick to lash out at his opponents) to a tee.
In this case, overplaying his hand requires that the bipartisan foreign policy establishment must again put him in his place (similar to the way they did in response to Trump’s earlier executive orders on immigration). Herein reflects the varsity intelligentsia’s intent to correct the still green and unsophisticated newbie to the ways and means of official Washington.
My initial reaction was to search for signatories from recent Republican and Democratic administrations. After all, these were the folks in charge of immigration policy during a time our country lost control of our southern border. And there they were — all joined together in one big NeverTrump family — reminding the president that he was wrong, yet again.
In this regard, the signatories remind me of my favorite recent television ad: the AT&T/5G commercial wherein a nervous nurse tells a more nervous wife that her husband’s heart surgeon is simply “OK” — as if the lukewarm endorsement is plenty good enough for the occasion. The humor is subtle but the implication is impossible to miss: nobody wants an “OK” surgeon — or an “OK” brake mechanic as seen on a second similar AT&T commercial. In other words, turn exclusively and cost-be-damned to the professional who will do the best job when the stakes are life and death.
The dissenters in the border debate beg to differ. Here, the citizens are told “OK” is good enough when it comes to enforcing our laws and protecting our country. In context, this means that 20 million illegal aliens are “OK”; that thousands of crimes committed by violent felons is equally “OK”; ditto for millions of tons of illegal drugs pouring into the country and the by now expected caravan(s) of illegal migrants making their way to our southern border. I should add a reminder about how so many unskilled laborers serve to displace marginal American workers out of the labor market, but this too, appears to be “A-OK” with the governing class.
Read the rest from former governor of Maryland, Bob Ehrlich HERE.

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