Thursday, March 7, 2019

Democrats’ New Single-Payer Bill Would Destroy Everything Good About Your Health Care

Believe it or not, Democrats’ single-payer proposals have gotten significantly worse. Here’s what’s inside the latest bill they filed this week in the House.
Some might think that, having embraced socialism and taking away the health coverage of millions of Americans, the Democratic Party couldn’t move further to the left. Think again.
House Democrats introduced their single-payer bill on Wednesday, and claimed that it’s a “significantly different” bill compared to versions introduced in prior Congresses. It definitely meets that definition—because, believe it or not, it’s gotten significantly worse.
A document comparing this year’s version to the single-payer bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) last Congress clearly delineates the major changes between them. Below please find a preliminary review of the bad, ugly, and even uglier points of the bill. The only “good” news about the legislation: It doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of passage in the current Congress.
What Remains ---> (and what Lawmakers added)
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