Saturday, March 30, 2019

10 ways President Trump can spend his post-Mueller political capital to save our border

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The best way for President Trump to shut down the impending frivolous investigations from House Democrats is to strike while the iron is hot and focus on the real emergency at our border. Even with the vindication of his election now sealed as the Mueller investigation came up empty, Democrats will not back down on their investigations. Trump’s best defense against the onslaught of frivolous investigations is a policy offense. If Democrats want to investigate administration actions, at least we should force them to focus on issues of policy for the good of the country.
There is no way to sugarcoat this. The debt is higher than ever, health care is worse than ever, and our illegal immigration crisis is fundamentally transforming this nation more than at any time during the Obama administration. There is a lot of blame to go around, from congressional Republicans and some bad presidential staff choices to Trump’s reluctance to use his veto pen and the refusal of anyone in politics to stand up to judicial supremacy. Congress has done nothing good over the first two years of this administration. The courts have nullified almost everything Trump tried executively, and there is not much positive policy direction among the shallow state players in the White House.
Then there was the Mueller probe. Not only did it allow the Democrats to keep delegitimizing the foundation of Trump’s mandate for two years, it distracted conservatives almost every day and at every legislative, budget, and policy decision point when Republicans controlled the trifecta of government and were betraying us. For every act of GOP perfidy on the budget and immigration, there was a Mueller story to drown it out.
That is now over.
There is one issue that has spiraled out of control with endless negative consequences to our nation daily, and that is our comprehensive border and immigration crisis. Talk about foreign interference! We now have foreign entities and governments fomenting endless migrant caravans, weaponizing the migration of desperate and impoverished individuals to weaken our foundation as an independent, sovereign, and secure nation. Lawless courts are mandating citizenship for these people and that they be counted in the Census, where they will permanently distort out elections and yes, even vote in them. That is the true foreign collusion and challenge to our sovereignty as a nation.
The situation is so out of control that, according to the Texas Monthly, Border Patrol agents have been forced to abandon checkpoints designed to counter dangerous cartel smuggling so they can process the invasion of Central American migrants!
President Trump should use his newfound political capital and announce the following policies of his border emergency declaration:
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