Thursday, February 14, 2019

ROTTEN DEAL ALERT: Building 3% of the wall and making ICE pay for it

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Actually fixing the border problem, the court-driven loopholes spawning the Central American invasion, was never even in the cards. Trump began with a demand of $25 billion in border funding to solve a policy problem with money. Then it became $5.6 billion. In the “deal” cooked up by a congressional committee, it’s reportedly $1.375 billion, which is actually slightly less than the $1.6 billion Senate Democrats already agreed to last June! Now that we are left with enough money to build 55 miles of bollard fencing, the trade-off is not worth the money, because the cost will be borne by ICE and ultimately the American people.
Democrats were the ones who engaged in “the art of the deal” on this super-committee over border funding. Rather than discussing how to end the magnets and catch-and-release, Democrats opened a new front last week by demanding more catch-and-release through the proposal of a rigid cap on the number of beds ICE can maintain in order to detain illegal aliens, most of them dangerous criminals, through interior apprehensions. The proposal was just a trial balloon, but it allowed Democrats to then pull back from the demand, look all magnanimous and cooperative, yet still come out ahead of the game with a lower limitation on ICE detentions.
Under the committee’s proposal, Democrats and RINOs agreed to provide enough funds for ICE to house 40,520 detainees by the end of the fiscal year. Not only is that below the 52,000 request from the administration, it is a 17.4 percent cut from the current level of 49,057 detainees. The border surge is growing every day, and without any desire to get rid of the magnets and fix the court problems with asylum, unaccompanied minors, and catch-and-release, the invasion will only grow as nicer weather returns in the early spring. Trump will have fewer resources to detain illegals than under the current policy, which will induce even more catch-and release, thereby incentivizing even more illegal immigration in a perpetual death spiral for American sovereignty.
What does Trump get in return? Fifty-five miles of non-concrete fencing in the Rio Grande Valley in eastern Texas. It’s like putting a Band-aid over a gushing arterial puncture wound.
Moreover, the migration is already being driven westward into New Mexico and away from Texas. That is where we need a wall.
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