Saturday, January 5, 2019

President Trump Considers Declaring National Emergency to Build Border Wall

President Trump said he was considering declaring a national emergency to build a southern border wall if Congress doesn’t fund it, following a Friday meeting with congressional leaders that both Mr. Trump and Democratic lawmakers described as contentious.
It isn’t clear how Mr. Trump would fund a wall under that scenario, and Mr. Trump would almost certainly face legal challenges if he were to attempt such a move.
Mr. Trump, speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden following the nearly two-hour meeting, also sounded upbeat notes on the state of negotiations with Democrats over the partial government shutdown, and said high-level talks would continue this weekend.
Mr. Trump said he hoped the shutdown “doesn’t go on even beyond a few more days,” but also said he told congressional leaders that the shutdown could last for months or even years if Democrats don’t agree to fund the border wall.
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Trump is a moron, in case you didn't know.