Sunday, January 13, 2019

Our open border has turned every American city into a border town

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Transnational cartels and gangs are fueling violence, death, and drugs not only at our border, but in every community across America. That is the thrust of a new Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) drug threat assessment report: an indictment of open borders, sanctuary cities, and the so-called “criminal justice reform” jailbreak movement.
These cartels and illegal immigration now pose the gravest threats to our public safety. At the same time, because such violence is fueled by foreign nationals and cross-border organizations, it is our most fixable public policy issue if we merely followed our laws on immigration and criminal justice. Today’s drug traffickers are not only killing tens of thousands with the deadliest drugs, they are fueling much of the increased violence in a number of metro areas. Because most of them are foreign nationals, they can and should be deported immediately and deterred from coming back with a border wall and robust interior enforcement. But thanks to the amalgamation of court-driven magnets canceling our immigration laws, sanctuary state policies, and the growing jailbreak movement, the political elites view both drug trafficking and illegal immigration as “low-level” crimes. Consequently, we are needlessly failing to eliminate these grave threats.
It’s no secret that almost all the illicit drugs killing Americans and all of the violence associated with them are coming from the Mexican cartels pouring their poison and personnel over our southern border. However, a more recent trend over the past decade is that the cartels are using transnational gangs operating in our cities as the distributors and enforcers of their criminal activity and are fueling much of the violence all across the country. For a full hour briefing on this issue, listen to my interview with former Texas border official Jaeson Jones.
Here is a summation of the facts from the new DEA threat assessment report: --->
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