Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year's Resolutions for the White House

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
After a tumultuous first two years in the White House, the Trump administration — which is effectively just the president himself — is at an inflection point. The Democrats have retaken the House, the markets are volatile, the Fed is raising interest rates, the special counsel is still pursuing him, the Middle East is in chaos, and there’s no border wall yet. So how should Donald Trump head into 2019? Herewith, a list of New Year’s resolutions for him to consider:
> Build the "danged fence." Finding the funds won’t get any easier next year with the opposition party controlling the purse strings, but if the slow-motion invasion from Latin America isn’t a matter of national security, what is? The president insists he's prepared to keep the government partially closed until he gets the $5 billion he's requested, and he's also floated the idea of using the military and its fungible budget to build it, which may turn out to be his best option. But build it he must: nothing will dishearten Trump’s base more — and ensure his defeat in 2020 — than welshing on his promise to end illegal immigration.
> Stop the Endless Wars. The U.S. has been fighting on and off in the Muslim world since the first Gulf War in 1991, and steadily since 9/11. The Pentagon loves these mini-conflicts, in which junior officers can get combat experience, and the brass can commission and test the latest weaponry. But their value to American geopolitical security is small and the toll they’ve taken on our society is incalculable. The decision to leave Syria and roll back troop levels in Afghanistan is a good first step, no matter what Jim Mattis -- who now has the distinction of being fired by two presidents in a row -- thinks.
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