Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Building a Wall, and the Shutdown

llustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
Say what one wants about President Donald J. Trump, but he is a man who makes every effort to keep his promises.
The list of promises he made during his campaign for the White House is prominently displayed on a white board as he checks off those he’s been able to deliver. He is now clearly focused on the one promise that in many ways defined his candidacy. Mr. Trump promised voters border security at least in part by building a “wall” to secure the nation’s southern border.
It’s his determination to keep that promise that has led to the current government shutdown. Democratic leaders are just as committed to further opening our borders as Mr. Trump is to getting control of them. Democrats maintain that there is no immigration crisis other than that we as a nation aren’t as welcoming as we should be. They see little if any difference between those who come here legally, spending years and thousands of dollars to become citizens, and those who flaunt our laws by sneaking over the border. While the caravan of thousands approached our borders, Democrats argued that it was no more than a spontaneous effort by oppressed women and children seeking a safe harbor.
Reports indicating that the caravan was organized by open-borders advocacy groups and led by a man wanted for terrorist activities were simply ignored by leading Democrats and a friendly media. While more than 90 percent of those in the caravan were young men, including gang members and others who would never be allowed legally into this country, the press portrayed it as consisting mainly of women and children. Critical examination of the caravan’s makeup,
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