Friday, January 18, 2019

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Pampered Federal Workers Don't Deserve Anyone's Pity

The worst thing about the government shutdown isn't the — minimal — harm it's causing. It's all the misplaced hand-wringing about federal workers, most of whom are overpaid and underworked, and all whom will get their back pay once government reopens.
As the shutdown goes on, news accounts of the alleged suffering of federal workers mount. They're lining up at food banks! They're forced to take odd jobs, or rent rooms out on Airbnb! They need help!
This week, Kraft Foods announced that it was opening a "pop-up" store in Washington, D.C. to provide free food to federal workers so that none of them "have to worry about putting dinner on the table because they aren't receiving a paycheck."
Whole Foods hosted a free spaghetti dinner at select stores. Other companies are chipping in.
Keep in mind that the 800,000 federal workers affected by the shutdown have so far missed a grand total of one paycheck, which would have arrived five days ago.
There's no doubt that this is challenging for many workers, particularly those who don't budget their money well. But Congress has already guaranteed they will be made whole once the shutdown ends.
This is an inconvenience, not a hardship.
In the meantime, let's remember who we are talking about here. While there are certainly plenty of hardworking, dedicated federal workers, they are, for the most part, incredibly pampered. They get better pay and more generous benefits than private sector workers doing the same things. They work fewer hours. And they have far greater job security.
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Anonymous said...

You have got to be freakin' kidding me. Trump has turned you guys into heartless SOB's. Oh well! The federal workers are all Democrats anyway! Right?

The shutdown has ZERO to do with immigration. This is not the way government is supposed to work. The GOP had 2 YEARS to fix immigration! Wasn't a priority. Now you're causing financial disaster to a million workers. Way to go...

A stupid little man child in the white house finds himself painted into a corner, with no way out. Coulter, she's a hard taskmaster, isn't she.


Anonymous said...

Coulter said Trump is dead if he caves.

He's dead anyway. The walls are closing in on him, on many fronts. There's an end in sight to this madness.

So, who finds it hard to believe he told Cohen to lie to congress? No one. Not even his most ardent cult followers. Boy has he turned you all into a bunch of idiots.