Friday, January 18, 2019

State of ‘National Emergency’? The Law Is Firmly on Donald Trump’s Side

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President Donald Trump has asked Congress for $5.7 billion to build a wall along the southern border. He has said that, if necessary, he may declare a “national emergency” and act unilaterally, and that he has the authority to do so.
As is the case any time a president attempts to circumvent Congress and act unilaterally, there is the legal question of whether he can do so and the normative question of whether he should do so. This article addresses only the legal question at hand.
In brief, Trump has a strong argument to make that he, in fact, has the authority to act unilaterally. But in order to explain why, let me lay out the relevant facts.
Groundwork for National Emergency Claim
In his primetime address Tuesday night and through other information that has been disseminated by the White House, the president began to lay the groundwork for declaring a national emergency.
Here are some of the points the administration has been making for their case: --->
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Anonymous said...

Bunk. There is no national emergency. Immigration is down significantly - lowest in 15 years.

But go ahead, little man. Declare it, and get Coulter off your back. The courts will never go along.

This just opens the door for the next Dem pres to declare a global warming or gun control emergency. Which there is a MUCH STRONGER case for.



Unknown said...

You are the sad uniformed follower