Sunday, October 21, 2018

President Trump has full constitutional power to stop the border invasion – even without Congress

Just as President Reagan is remembered for ending the Cold War, President Trump can be remembered as the one who ended the war on our sovereignty. Will he rise to the occasion?
Here’s the stone-cold truth about our border: We could construct a border wall as high as the stratosphere, and it won’t help much if we continue our self-destructing policies of allowing bogus asylees to come through our front door and legitimizing the opinions of sanctuary judges who “make denizens of aliens.”
President Trump publicly warned the governments of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala that if they don’t take steps to stop the latest caravan of bogus asylum invaders, he will cut off aid to the countries. While this is a good first step, it won’t deter the invasion unless we stop admitting the invaders and implementing catch-and-release under orders from illegitimate court rulings, as we did with the previous caravan and countless tens of thousands of others coming in with less pomp. And that would hold true even with a border wall. They just come to our points of entry, surrender themselves, get released into our communities, and never show up to their hearings until and unless they wind up committing crimes.
Moreover, the caravan is already in Guatemala and headed for Mexico. Thus, the Honduran diplomacy is moot at this point. And this is much bigger than one caravan. We must first dissect what is actually happening at our border.
This is nothing short of an invasion
Earlier this week, KTAR news in Phoenix, Arizona, sat down with ICE’s Phoenix field director, Henry Lucero. What he revealed should disturb all of us:
> Only two percent of family units released from custody are ever deported. And there are a lot of families. In fiscal year 2017, roughly 13,000 came through the Yuma Sector. This year’s final numbers will likely show double that number. Freeze-frame right there. This is the magnet. Until this policy stops, the border invasion will not cease.
> 85 percent of the recent families are from Guatemala, and they ask for asylum while surrendering themselves to border agents. They are not even attempting to smuggle themselves in between the points of entry. Thus, a wall will not help if we continue to allow this because they just come to the points of entry. As Lucero said, “On the news in Guatemala they are saying that you can get a work permit if you’re in a family, if you’re coming with your child, and that you’re going to be released.”
> Border agents interviewed by KTAR said that resources designed to protect our national security are now being used to aid and treat illegal aliens in distress. This, in a nutshell, is why the gang and drug crisis spiked to unprecedented levels beginning with the Central American migration in 2014. Officials said that 95 percent of those caught in Arizona go to the East Coast, which explains why places like Long Island are the hardest hit from the gang and drug crises.
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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