Friday, October 26, 2018

PIERS MORGAN: The media hates him, Hollywood hates him but every hysterical piece of abuse they throw at him just makes Trump stronger and now the Democrats are heading for a midterms disaster

President Trump is winning.
There is simply no other way to fairly interpret the fact that he’s just hit a new high in his approval rating.
Even better for Trump, he’s officially more popular than his predecessor Barack Obama was at the exact same stage of his first tenure as President.
According to the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Trump is now at 47% approval, compared to Obama’s 45% two weeks before the midterm elections in 2010.
Given all the fire, brimstone and perpetual outrage about Trump since he won the White House, this is a truly remarkable state of affairs.
Of course, America’s liberals will respond to the shock poll in the way they respond to all things Trump - with fury, incredulity and by sticking their collective heads in the sand.
‘HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?’ they will wail, uncontrollably.
‘WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO LIKE HIM?’ they will howl into each other’s kale salads.
‘THIS IS THE END OF PLANET EARTH!’ they will sob, in their normal understated manner.
All of which will be music to the ears of Trump, a man who absolutely revels in liberal hysteria because he knows it works for him, as this new poll proves.
The more Trump-bashers scream abuse at and about him, the more it fires up his base – and indeed, the more it fires up Trump himself.
After all, at his heart, the President’s a street-fighting New Yorker who loves a good scrap.
And in two weeks time, he may deliver the biggest knockout punch of his presidency. --->
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Um . . . this is delusion.