Friday, October 26, 2018

Embrace E-Verify

Yuri Gripas/Reuters
As we wrote early this summer, an electronic system called E-Verify is the key to solving the illegal-immigration problem. By participating in this voluntary program, employers can ensure that their workers are in the country legally; were its use made mandatory, the attraction of illegal immigration would decline precipitously. Because so many illegal immigrants come by overstaying visas rather than by sneaking across the border, its potential effect is far greater than that of even a border wall.
The 115th Congress has failed to pass legislation to this effect, but with an immigration restrictionist in the White House for at least two more years, there is still hope for the 116th — if it has a clear mandate to do so. This is why it’s crucial for Republican Senate candidates to strongly endorse E-Verify. Many candidates have done so. But others have been quieter on the issue, and they need to speak up.
Among the Republicans with a decent chance to win next month, there are many who have aggressively promoted E-Verify in the past — sometimes when it really mattered. Arizona’s Martha McSally, Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn, and North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer all cosponsored a bill in the House, the Securing America’s Future Act, that among much else would have mandated the program. Current Republican senators up for reelection Deb Fischer (Nebraska) and Roger Wicker (Mississippi) cosponsored a recent bill to mandate E-Verify as well.
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