Saturday, October 13, 2018

Long Island’s elite are planning against MS-13 invasions

I’m old enough to remember when Democrats lectured us about how concerns over illegal immigrants coming into the country and joining up with MS-13 was mostly hype, an unfair characterization of immigrants, a “political tool” of Donald Trump (NY Times), mostly a myth (WaPo) and any number of other denigrating statements. Of course, if you’ve been awake for just the past year you’re probably old enough to remember that also. But not even everyone in the liberal community buys these claims.
Some of biggest strongholds of Democratic donors (with deep pockets) in the northeastern reaches of the country have chosen to take the issue seriously. And they’re putting their money where their mouths are… lots of it. As the New York Post reports this week, out on Long Island, some of the wealthier residents are upgrading their homes at tremendous expense, but it’s not for a new art collection or a second yacht. They’re putting in panic rooms, bulletproof glass, arsenals of weapons and top line security systems. And they’re doing it to hide from MS-13 raids.
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